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So maybe just go the bathroom before you come here. Other than that detail, it’s really just a nice neighborhood bar - the sort of place where you’d go for a beer or a cocktail with a friend or two on a Thursday night.

It kind of looks like a cross between a cabin and a big wooden boat, and there’s also a big backyard where you can usually infiltrate a birthday party. If you’re on the Upper West Side, and you need a place to eat a burger and play Jenga, go to E’s Bar.

Stop by to hang out with a mostly-neighborhood crowd, and bond with someone who also quoted Morrissey in their high school yearbook.

There’s a chance your bartender will be dressed as a cheerleader.

Just know that if you arrive late on a weekend, there will probably be a line. Mark’s where mostly tourist and college students hang out - so it’s surprising that this place isn’t actually the worst.

Upstairs, there’s a lounge area and a bar, and downstairs there’s a room with pink couches and a disco ball where you should be able to make some new friends who don’t try to go to 1 Oak.

The ceilings are high, it’s objectively attractive, and it feels like one big hangout.

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