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a circled 4), a stamping not found on pipes made before the 50s.Further in 1952 the "LONDON" stamping on Bruyere pipes made before 1952 was changed to "BRUYERE".) Although Dunhill applied for it's English sandblast patent in October of 1917 it was not granted until October, 1918 and it is believed that manufacture of that finish did not begin until after that grant or effectively 1919.

While generally speaking the "INNER TUBE" stamping is standard for Bruyeres during this period, when an inner tube was not fitted in the pipe (e.g.

many bent shapes) the stamping together with related patent numbers was omitted.

However, it must be emphasized that the lack of such patent stampings on a duke street pipe is not indicative of an earlier period. This is the only time that this stamping was employed.

There are two variations of the arched "DUNHILL" stamping.

From January 3, 1919 to May 20, 1919 the straight line "LONDON" stamping immediately below the arched "DUNHILL" is within the compass of the arch, while from May 21 to Years End it is equal to the compass with the "L" and final "N" of "LONDON" being immediately below the "D" and the final "L" of "DUNHILL".

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