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The ministry did not lay charges against any individuals in relation to Paquette's death, only the city and Interpaving.

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The local history collection exists due to her diligent efforts early on to collect images, reports, books, as well as other local publications.

To honour her many contributions, the library decided to name the room that housed the local history collection the "Mary C. Mary Shantz describes the Local History Collection as it was in 1982 in an interview conducted by Gary Peck for the radio program Memories and Music.

The adopted novel petrochronological approach can reveal the age significance of syn-deformational processes and holds promise for the untangling of complex syn-orogenic processes in Precambrian terranes globally.

AB - The Sudbury structure is a mineralized impact crater that hosts different families of ore-controlling shear zones with poorly known orogenic affinities.

The city is facing seven charges and Interpaving Ltd.

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