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A few hours and a massive headache later, I closed my browser window and gave up.

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Whereas the Lyoness international compensation plan is confusing and presented poorly, Lyoness in the US have stripped out some of the more confusing aspects of the plan and streamlined it down.

Not really a commission but still effectively money in a Lyoness member’s pocket, the Lyoness cashback is effective on all purchases (online and offline) and giftcard purchases from selected retail partners.

Lyoness is headed up by CEO Hubert Freidl, who founded and launched the company back in 2003.

I’ve seen Freidl referred to as a mathematician but I’m not exactly sure what he was doing prior to 2003 or whether or not he has a history in MLM.

Starting off with the initial two member positions under you, each of these sides is a seperate team.

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