Heidi cornell dating pros and cons of speed dating

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Ann did not want to be stuck with TSA going through her luggage and pulling out a ring in front of Tressie.

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She has a wonderful sense of humor, just enough sarcasm to keep you laughing (who am I kidding...a lot of sarcasm to keep you laughing).

So much fun over these few years, Country Fest, Punta Cana, Puerto Vallarta, or just having a few beverages at her house.

That morning before they got off the ship, Ann was acting a little crazy, she wanted to get off the ship and getting 40 people to meet together at the same time was proving to be difficult, wrangling cats would have been easier.

Tressie kept looking at their friends and saying, "this is her first cruise she just really wants to get to the island".

Most times start out with "hey lets go out and have a beer" and they end with a phone call to the significant others to come pick them up at 2am.

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