How to become a speed dating organizer

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I’ve created a business to bring people together to service communities.Throughout the years I’ve made a total of 33 groups and organically grew most of them from zero to ten thousand members .

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If you have questions on other groups that are under other accounts, please reach out to us from those email addresses. And they’ve selected the What’s happening group for closure. We’ve changed our group any time meetup made a request to us to comply with all rules and policies.

Matt Hello Hannah, Well as of July 11th, 2016 I was the owner of 17 meetup groups and paying meetup close to $4,000 per year. It’s Unlikely considering they’ve closed 90% of my network , that I trust they would keep any of my groups open. Meetup would not specifically respond as to why they have chosen to close groups like my ‘New to Austin 20/30s’ when this meetup Boston/ and this kind of meetup exists in almost every major U. city with it’s sole purpose to make money and meetup allows these groups to continue to extort people for money, but my groups that were truley social and community focused including the Whats happening, have all gotten closed.

At the height of what I was doing socially, I had 83,000 meetup members in my network.

I’ve been labeled as a ‘super user’ from and recently won an award from as having created one of the most active meetup groups in the world. I’ve invested a lot of personal time, hard work and commitment.

We reserve the right to remove groups at our own discretion per our Terms of Service. ______________________ My Thoughts _____________________ Matt Winters– If you want to help, share on social media, continue the discussion, get the word out. In fact, our policies are based on the type of experience we want our members to have on Meetup.

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