scarcity principle when dating - Love at first byte the secret science of online dating

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However, discussing favorite authors not only highlights a similar interest but also shows comparable levels of intelligence, which is important if you pride yourself on book smarts as much as Khristine does.

If you’re having a hard time determining a topic for a message, look at passions and keywords.

Discussing how genuine someone seems is too intangible and broad a topic for a first message.

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If he or she doesn’t expand on the topic in their profile, use your message as an opportunity to ask more about it, while giving insight into why that topic ranks high in your life.

INTRODUCTION TO INTRODUCTIONS Now that you’ve determined a topic, let’s dive into the components that make up a great email. Since the purpose of a message is to begin a conversation, skip traditional letter etiquette.

Questions show that you have genuine interest in getting to know someone and really begin the conversation.

Applying all three of these criteria creates email perfection.

And that’s when crafting an email that qualifies yourself and starts a conversation can clinch permanent space on his or her heart’s hard drive.

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