North scott elementary schools consolidating

by  |  05-Dec-2017 04:43

Kennedy elementary schools in South Scranton to West Scranton High School, as opposed to Scranton High School .

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She rejected the notion that the board is considering consolidating the schools or converting West Scranton into a middle school — another unfounded rumor that has been circulating. and I think maybe, from some of the discussion at the meeting, different messages came out, but it was never proposed in front of the board to close West Scranton High School,” Dixon said, noting that proposed boundary changes would help “balance out” the student populations at West Scranton and Scranton high schools.

Acknowledging that the administration has not called for consolidation or the closing of West Scranton, many at Monday’s rally said they wanted to make their voices heard before someone in power proposes doing so. And so I think we felt this time that: ‘Lets just nip it right in the bud so it doesn’t even get any further.’” Several parents of West Scranton students and parents whose children will one day attend West Scranton High School agreed, calling the rally “proactive” while arguing against any potential consolidation effort in the future.

A board vote on the boundary changes has not yet been scheduled, Dixon said.

Contact the writer: [email protected]; 570-348-9141; @jhorvath TT on Twitter Upcoming school board meetings Thursday: Education, Budget and Finance and Policy committees, 7 p.m., school district Administration Building.

Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman told a panel of state senators Wednesday that South Carolina needs to find ways to improve technology available to school districts and boost pay for teachers.

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