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Consequently, supporters of this theory called for the abdication of such rulers, the end of the aristocratic system, and the end of militarism—all of which justified American entry into the war once Czarist Russia dropped out of the Allied camp. He also acknowledged variations of militarism that, in his opinion, existed within the British and French political systems.Wilson hoped the League of Nations and universal disarmament would secure a lasting peace, although he failed to secure U. Lenin famously asserted that the worldwide system of imperialism was responsible for the war.

Political scientists regard the building of alliances as a cause, specifically the formation of the Triple Entente and Triple Alliance.

Alliances emboldened participating nations, leading each to believe that they had powerful backing.

Ferguson points out that Britain easily maintained her advantage.

On the other hand, both sides were prepared for war.

The legacy of the war, in many respects, was World War II, which was rooted in the punitive sanctions that the World War I's victors placed on Germany.

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