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The offence is complete when the person meets or sets out to meet the child with the intention of engaging in unlawful sexual activity with or in the presence of the child during or after the meeting. Indeed, if the sexual activity does take place, that sexual activity will probably constitute a separate sexual offence.2. It will be an offence for a person (A) intentionally to meet, travel with the intention of meeting, or make arrangements with the intention of meeting another person (B) if A has met or communicated with B on at least one earlier occasion and intends to engage in unlawful sexual activity involving B or in the presence of B either at the time of the meeting or after the meeting.3.

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The offence can only be committed on a child under 16 (B), and A must believe that B is under 16.

If A reasonably believes that B is 16 or over, no offence has taken place.

When this type of activity is reported to the police, early contact should be made with their local Computer Crime Unit, or direct to the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit at the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency ( SCDEA).

They will provide accurate advice relative to evidence gathering and the potential use of a Covert Internet Investigator to progress the investigation.13.

Suspicions that grooming is taking place should be reported to the police as soon as possible.9.

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