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See ruby-2.4.4 release notes and ruby-2.5.1 release notes.

In addition bundled Open SSL versions are updated to 1.0.2o and 1.1.0h.

The program comes with a clean and intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles.

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You can upgrade directly from a Big Blue Button 1.1 server, or install Big Blue Button 2.0 on a new server via two options: # dpkg -l | grep bbb ii bbb-apps 1:2.0.0-42 amd64 Big Blue Button applications for Red5 ii bbb-apps-akka 2.0.0-128 all Big Blue Button Apps (Akka) ii bbb-apps-screenshare 1:2.0.0-25 amd64 Big Blue Button screenshare module for Red5 ii bbb-apps-sip 1:2.0.0-6 amd64 Big Blue Button SIP module for Red5 ii bbb-apps-video 1:2.0.0-15 amd64 Big Blue Button video module for Red5 ii bbb-apps-video-broadcast 1:2.0.0-4 amd64 Big Blue Button video broadcast module for Red5 ii bbb-client 1:2.0.0-276 amd64 Big Blue Button Flash client ii bbb-config 1:2.0.0-37 amd64 Big Blue Button configuration utilities ii bbb-demo 1:2.0.0-11 amd64 Big Blue Button API demos ii bbb-freeswitch-core 2:1.6-44 amd64 Big Blue Button build of Free SWITCH ii bbb-freeswitch-sounds 1:1.6.7-9 amd64 Free SWITCH Sounds ii bbb-fsesl-akka 2.0.0-19 all Big Blue Button FS-ESL (Akka) ii bbb-mkclean 1:0.8.7-3 amd64 Clean and optimize Matroska and Web M files ii bbb-playback-presentation 1:2.0.0-20 amd64 Big Bluebutton playback of presentation ii bbb-record-core 1:2.0.0-17 amd64 Big Blue Button record and playback ii bbb-red5 1:1.0.8-33 amd64 The Red5 server for Big Blue Button ii bbb-swftools 1:0.9.2-2 amd64 The swftools files for Big Blue Button ii bbb-transcode-akka 2.0.0-4 all Big Blue Button Transcoder ii bbb-web 1:2.0.0-68 amd64 Big Blue Button API ii bigbluebutton 1:2.0.0-6 amd64 Open source web conferencing platform (bbb) We regularly post updates to Big Blue Button 2.0 in the bigbluebutton developer mailing list.

The section Upgrade to the latest build of Big Blue Button 2.0 shows how.

Big Blue Button 2.0 adds an improved user interface, shared notes, and multi-user whiteboard – all to enable the instructor to increase engagement with students.

For more details see what’s new in Big Blue Button 2.0.

In fact, both downloading and the installation are done automatically and do not require any intervention from you.

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