World worst dating advice 8

by  |  21-Dec-2017 20:25

And it truly believes the world needs yet another dumb motivational saying like “fake it ’til you make it.” Even the name “shyness advice” makes me want to burn all the self help books in the library.

I’ve spent the last few months creating the 2nd version of The Shyness and Social Anxiety System.

I build techniques, models and frameworks, endlessly test them, and in some cases rip them up and start again.

By the time you ever see a course from me, it has been quietly inspected and tested by dozens of people.

Preparing what to say for a job interview or a speech is normal.

Rehearsing daily conversations or phone calls because you are shy is ridiculous.

Here’s the truth: Shy people need tips for , not less. About 50 years ago, there was an explosion in popularity of books that taught “people skills.” The advice in these books is mostly common sense: Be a good listener, don’t criticize people, remember their name, smile more often, and so on.

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